Annie's Quilt

One of our favorite parts of making a quilt is YOU! We love hearing the stories behind the items that you have chosen for your quilt. It not only helps us understand which pieces hold the most significance as we design your quilt, but it gives us a glimpse of your family and the treasures that sometimes can only be told and otherwise not seen. Binding these memories together in a quilt by needle and thread, are simply just the stitches that help hold these real life moments forever within the hearts of your family members. And to have a part in that process, touches our hearts!

Without further adieu, here is Anna’s story, as told by her mom, Virginia.

It’s been five years in the making on this one.  Our favorite Annie girl clothes from when she was a teeny tiny baby up until this past spring at five years old.  A couple months ago I boxed them all up and shipped them to the girls with Vintage Giggles in Florida.  There are so many memories in these sweet little outfits.  Some big, some small, all treasures that we can enjoy for many years to come.  Our quilt arrived recently and I’m so in love, all over again.  Thank you Vintage Giggles for turning these into such a special gift for my family! ♥


It’s on the bed in our guest room right now.   A great spot to curl up and watch a movie.  I’m sure it will travel to many places in our home and hers throughout our lives. She was watching the movie Sing when I took these pictures.  Silly girl laughing at the car wash scene on the tv behind me.   A few of my favorite details…


The day it arrived was like Christmas. Each square is so perfect.  So many memories….


And a few pics of where they came from….


Love, love, love!

Shared with permission from Virginia’s blog:

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